Firm : A Milestone

On April 1, 1991…

  • Dwight Goodin signs a $5.15 million three-year contract with the Mets
  • U.S. minimum wage goes to $4.25 per hour from $3.80
  • Holman Consulting is founded from the collective successes of Holman Philanthropic Management to enable nonprofits to achieve successes they often never dreamed possible.

Then & Now

We hope you will enjoy a glimpse of Then & Now. Though we think we’ve done our homework, we can’t take responsibility for the accuracy of these interesting little snippets. Enjoy!

  1991 2011
Population (World) 5.359 billion 7 billion
Population (U.S.) 252 million 310 million
Federal spending $1323.63 billion $1128 trillion (requested)
Federal debt $35,998.5 billion $14,237,070.1 trillion
Median Household Income $30,126 $49,777 (trending lower; peak was $52,587 in 1999)
Unemployment 6.8% 9.5%
Cost of first-class stamp 25¢ 43¢
Haiti U.S. suspends assistance to Haiti after troops seize president. President Obama pledges $100 million in US aid for Haiti.
Libya U.S. indicts two Libyans in 1988 bombing of PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland U.S. joins UN Security Council on no-fly zone over Libya
Super Bowl winner New York Giants Green Bay Packers
Oscar (Best Picture) Dances with Wolves The King’s Speech
Record of the Year Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins) Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)
Tony Award Lost in Yonkers, by Neil Simon Red, by John Logan (predicted)
Most popular computer interface/browser Gopher Firefox (Chrome closing in fast)
Dow Jones Closes above 3,000 for the first time ever at 3004.46 Struggles to stay above 12,000
The Association of Fundraising Professionals membership 13,813 (then NSFRE) 22,000 and growing
Middle East / North Africa Terry Anderson is released after 7 years of captivity in Beirut Political turmoil at historic high as tensions increase
Television “Cheers” is among the Top 10 TV series Super Bowl XLV tops 111 million viewers
I (Margaret Holman) … was 20 years younger am 20 years wiser
U.S. Open Tennis Tournament Stefan Edberg and Monica Seles win Potential Prize Money payout expected to top $20 M
Charitable Giving reached a record $148 B (versus $303 B in 2009) Two thirds of charities predict giving increases in 2011 after last year’s recession
Celebrity deaths Danny Thomas, Martha Graham, Michael Landon, and Gene Roddenberry Femmes fatales Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Russell, and Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo, Len Lesser.
Philanthropy The Philanthropy Protection Act is four years away from passage Philanthropic organizations lobby Congress to permanently extend charitable measures
Technology IBM exits the typewriter business Apple sells 3 million iPads in just 80 days
Average price of
a loaf of white bread
75¢ $2.28
Coffee consumption (U.S.) 51% over age 10 imbibe 57% over age 18 imbibe;
19% make it gourmet
Price of gold (ounce) About $350 About $1500
April 1 (no April Fool’s!) Holman Consulting is incorporated as Holman Philanthropic Management. Holman Consulting celebrates 20 years with new logo and new Web site.

Margaret M. Holman has co-authored two books, Major Donor Fundraising, a Directory of Social Change and The Complete Guide to Careers in Fund Raising.

Major Donor Fundraising

book: Major Donor Fundraising
“The book is worth its weight in gold (perhaps literally). The practical tools are easy to use and give just the right balance of science and art to the challenge of fundraising… At last there is something for everyone.”
— Alistair Lomax
Executive Director
UNIAID, The Students’ Charity

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