Overview & Fees

We believe that each client is special, and as such, none of our consulting services is provided by a “cookie-cutter” approach. Our primary aim is to provide practical solutions to today’s fund-raising challenges and problems.

We believe that trust is the glue of business. It is created by dependability, quality content, and intimacy with the client. Because each organization has specific needs, a close working relationship begins with listening. We listen to you.

Holman Consulting provides general fund-raising counsel to nonprofit organizations on-site, via telephone, fax, and correspondence, or directly at our office in New York City.

Our relationship begins as Holman Consulting learns:

  • Your specific needs and background
  • The origins of the problem
  • The scope of the organization
  • The issues to be examined

Then we determine:

  • A broad definition of the assignment
  • The information-gathering methodology
  • Logical project phases
  • The approximate amount of time needed to complete the assignment and the cost

When appropriate, the details and results of the project are provided in a written proposal outlining:

  • Our understanding of the assignment
  • Our recommended approach
  • The organization of the work
  • The expected results
  • The estimated time to complete the project and the cost

Our goal is to provide your organization with recommendations that are practical for implementation

Success means paying attention to what’s critical

Fee Structure

Clients have three options with regard to fees.

  1. Flat, fixed project fee— covers the costs of completing the project in a timely fashion
  2. Monthly retainer— allows our client some flexibility in the timing of the project and offers a guaranteed amount of consulting time each month
  3. Quarterly retainer— permits our clients with limited budgets but a need for continuing consulting assistance to retain Holman Consulting on an annual basis

Each fee structure is agreed upon in writing before the project is undertaken.

All contracts are written for a negotiated length of time and are cancelable on the basis of written thirty-day notice. All travel and out-of-pocket expenses are approved and billed monthly.

We do not work on a percentage, commission, or contingency basis.

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